Monday, April 18, 2011

I am a Marathoner!

This was an exciting, stressful, and busy week. I only got in one regular 8-mile weekday run. I was hoping to get another 5-10 miles, but it just didn't happen. I averaged about 4 hrs sleep each night. I figured sleep was more important than running this week.

The week ended with an awesome 20-mile run to Stanhope and back. This was the first time I had ever done this. I always had a fear that I wouldn't make it, or have a bad running day, or something would happen and I would be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Rachael had a great run, too, so it was nice to not have to worry about motivating her while I was "working" hard on my own. So, this was a great run on many levels.

We arranged to have Bill meet us in Stanhope and refill our fluids. Good thing because I was really hot and thirsty when we got there. It was a good time to refill and have a brief break. The babies got to play at the park, too. :) We had 3 gels on the run so that was good practice. Rachael is finally starting to tolerate them. yeah!

OK, now for the negatives - I have been getting a tightness in my chest around mile 11-13. This is worrysome, but not enough to stop running. When I got home, I had some really nasty blisters on my toes. I think I'll take a break for a few days.

I have been battling the scale this year as well. :( This week I feel like I finally am starting to conquer the scale. Well, ok the waistline. Looks like I need nearly 30 mile weeks to make all this happen. That's the magic number.

Total weekly training mileage: 28
9 weeks to the startline

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Going down

I had a really rough week running. School has been quite stressful and I haven't been taking care of myself. I feel like I am strong and full of energy, but can't get through the fatigue on a run.
Rachael and I were scheduled to do our first 18 mile run last weekend. There were wind advisories and it was crazy 24+mph winds from the ESE. We started out on the Puppy Loop and did 2 mile west and then back home for 9 miles. I was so exhausted and whipped like someone ran over me with a truck. I just gave up. I have never given up on a run. I always finish my run! I was so mentally defeated I just couldn't go. I came home, sat on the couch and relaxed with a glass of wine. Rachael finished the last 9 miles. I was proud of her.

Monday I went out to try it again. I had to go at least 10 miles to regain my confidence. I did a 5-mile Puppy Loop and then Bill joined me on a 5-mile Ethanol Loop. That was exactly what I needed! I feel like I can keep going through this marathon training now. It was still windy, but I finished strong!

I had another 9 mile run later in the week to finish the week. I also have tried to incorporate some hip strengthening and glute strengthening this week.

I think I am messed up with my blog because I swear I was blogging Sunday to Saturday, finishing the post on my long run. So, I am posting yesterday's big run here too so it may seem like a long week of mileage.

There were thunderstorms and tornados forecast for this weekend so I wasn't sure how it would go. Like I said I also haven't been taking care of myself and very stressed. This is reaching an all-time high the past couple weeks so I am truly pushing my physical, emotional, and mental limits of this training. Again, there were wind advisories with 20+mph wind gusts. I ran to Ellsworth and back for 8 miles and then I thought if I did the south and north loop that would be the last 10 miles. By the time I got back to town I was quite beat. I did an extra mile in town for 9 miles and then stopped at home for a refill of fluids. Bill finished the last 9 miles with me. I about another 2-3 miles and had to stop. I was just so exhausted, but I. was. going. to. finish. this. run!! We walked a lot and I was getting some pain in my chest, but I'm sure it was just anxiety, stress, and fatigue setting in. I did finish the 18 miles, but wished I was able to run the whole thing. I still haven't run a complete 18 miles. That is really getting me down and I feel like I am spiraling downward and won't be able to do Grandma's this summer. I need to get out of my slump. I am hoping for calmer weather to give me a boost of confidence this next week.

Weekly training mileage: 42 miles
Here's to trying again this week...

Friday, April 1, 2011


We were scheduled to run 16 miles on Saturday. Bill was on call so he couldn't be far from home, but wanted to do at least 8 miles. Rachael and I started out and he met us in Ellsworth so he wouldn't be more than 20 min away from the pager. This was all a great idea, until we got outside. I knew the wind was blowing, but wow that was crazy wind. We got to Ellsworth, turned around and it was at our back - great! We got our strength back and went for the return to trip. I knew it would strong, but again we were not prepared for what we encountered...25+mph winds! On the hill just outside Jewell, I had to stop because I just couldn't make it up the hill. About 50 feet before the top I was spent. This was perhaps one of the hardest runs I have ever done, but we did finish all 16 miles. That felt great...after I iced my shins. :)

Monday Rachael started track. She obviously is a distance runner so I will not be pushing her so much during the week. I'll wait and see how this first week goes.
Tuesday I did a 5 mile Ethanol Loop solo. I wasn't going to do the loop, but I started running and I just kept going. It was a great run. I finished in about 45 min so it was a smidge faster than 10min/mi.

Rachael and "easy" week and she had been running "extra" after practice, consisting of another mile or so. So, Thursday I took Rachael on an 8 mile run. We had fun chatting and running together again. I was so glad she had a good run. She told me that she was encouraging to the other track girls. Many don't like to run, but she wanted to let them know what a great job they were doing. Glad to see her taking on this leadership role!

Although I'm still having shin pain at the beginning of each run, within a mile or so it starts to improve and I have a good run.When I added up the mileage for the week I realized how close I was to 30 and started kicking myself for not going another mile just to make the round number. It was still a successful week of running.

Total weekly training mileage: 29 miles
March total mileage: 82 miles