Monday, December 26, 2011


OK, so I was looking back at my old blogs from the past couple of years and realized that I am just in a time of year when I get depressed. I need to be conscious of this so get myself over it! I have only run 6 miles this month and it's Christmas time! I wouldn't have run the first run 3 weeks ago if it weren't for Bill saying, "Get your clothes on; we're going running!" Then, yesterday Santa came and the kids were up at 4:30 so we had some extra time. I took Rachael out for a 3-mile run. Noelle came with us too. She said she wanted some running clothes to go with us so she came along for a couple miles. Rachael and I were really struggling to get through that small run. I guess we should, having not run for about 3 weeks.

I feel like this is really pathetic that I'm at the end of the month and haven't even reached the double digits in mileage yet. Bill mentioned toward the end of his graduate class this month that he would like to run a half marathon with me this year so we should be good motivation for each other to get out and run.

The first 3 1/2 weeks of December: 6 miles