Sunday, June 12, 2011

A week of extremes

Other than snow, I think I ran in about every weather possible this week: wind, rain, heat, cold. We had record heat at the beginning of the week, around 100 degrees. By the end of the week we had lows in the 40s. Overnight the temperatures dropped 30 degrees! One week to the marathon.

Because of the heat, we woke up early Monday and did a quick Ethanol Loop. I stayed out of the heat through Wednesday. Thursday evening, Bill came in the living room with running attire on so I put on my shoes and did 3 miles with him.

Friday night was the Jewell Jubilee 5K race. I ran with the babies. They have not been doing any training at all so I was prepared to walk a lot of it. Earlier this year at the Red Flannel Run a 5K took us almost an hour to complete. This was small town Iowa so I wasn't terribly concerned about them. Rachael and Bill ran ahead, Noelle just ran her pace or with whomever she wanted to talk to, I started running with the babies. After about 1/2 mile, Matt took off running and mostly didn't stop! Later I heard was a pacer for some people. He finished in around 35 minutes. I think I have a new runner in the family! Claire and I finished in about 42 minutes.

Sat was busy so Sunday Rachael and I ran with J. I have been having terrible shin pain so was trying to put off this "big" run. Anytime I run fast I have shin problems. I have been icing them and using Biofreeze. That helps minimally. The best remedy is rest. :( So, today we started slowly and then by the end were really booking along. I felt pretty good so we just kept getting faster and faster. I am hoping by Saturday I will have strong legs and a great run!

Total mileage: 20 miles

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