Saturday, March 12, 2011

On the road again

Monday I went to the doctor for weird bumps on my foot. They didn't hurt, were hard like bone, but didn't match the other foot. This one even looked very slightly bruised just under the skin for a few days, too. I had never noticed them before this past week. Once he looked at my foot he said I had a hyperextended foot bone, probably caused from childbirth. Hmm, ok, well I have had a few babies. I am glad there is nothing wrong with my foot, however!

After the doctor appt I took Rachael on an Ethanol Loop. It felt great! There was no pain, lots of energy, and great conversation. :) After talking to J this week, she sent me her schedule and we ran a couple mornings. Thursday I got up at 4:00 and we ran another 5 miles. Friday I got up at 4:30 and we ran 4 miles. It was a great week! My calf muscles are killing me and the foam roller doesn't seem to be working out the hard, achy areas. I'm going to try to run a bigger run with Rachael in the morning. Overall I do feel strong.

Total weekly mileage: 14 miles

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