Thursday, February 17, 2011

Six-months out

Wow, what a great week I've had! Saturday commenced the Red Flannel Run. It was so much fun to run the 3miler with the babies and Noelle. Bill and Rachael ran the 5 miler. We all finished within 5 minutes of each other. It was a most beautiful day! It started off a little chilly, but then warmed up to the mid 30s. I couldn't believe how many people were shirtless and wearing shorts. eeeks, too chilly for that. That was my first 3 miles of the week.

Monday night I got home and ran 10 miles. This was a big run for me. It's the longest run I've done since my injury exactly 6 months ago. This was a mental hurdle that I have jumped. Up to this point I was unsure if I would be able to do this marathon. The completion of this run gave me the confidence I needed to keep pushing forward. I set out to do at least 9 miles and if I felt good I was going to keep going through 10. There was something about 10 that seemed appealing.
It was not my easiest run ever, but it was good. I had no ipod, no running partner, no drugs. It was just me and the road. I did it! I just kept repeating, "Bones of steal bones of steal bones of steal", especially when I was starting to feel achy. I was getting really tired the last half of the run and I probably should have stopped at least a mile sooner, but just kept going. I thought I would pay for it later this week, but everything seemed to go well. I was stiff and achy, but no bone pain like I had the past few weeks. I never thought I would be running 10 miles at 6 months.

Rachael wanted to keep up her mileage as well to the day after I ran my 10 miles, she wanted to run her 10 miles for the week. So, she ran and I rode her bike. ugh. UGH! My butt is sooo sore. Even 2 days later I am still achy on the back side. That bike definitely doesn't fit me. I figure it was good cross training for me though.

This week ended with a "quick" 5 miler. There was about a 15-20mph wind from the W/NW, but I was determined to go out and complete the run no matter what. I really thought it was going to be raining. The weather was so beautiful today that I wore shorts and a tank top. At the end of the run, Rachael had to pee sooo badly she said, "We better either speed up or stop at the library or something." We all but sprinted the last 1/2-3/4 mile. It was great. I didn't wear my watch, but I'm guessing we finished 5 miles in about 43 min.

I have a new approach to running. Last year I would medicate myself, especially before long runs --> 1 Sudafed and 2-3 Tylenol. This year I have yet to take anything. I discovered I can run through anything and that resulted in injury. So, this year I'm not doing that so that I can feel my pain and stop sooner if I need to. This is another reason I really wanted to finish my 10 mile run.

Total weekly mileage: 19


  1. YIPPEE!! What a great hurdle to overcome!! Your training will be great and the marathon will be so much fun!! I am so happy for you!!

  2. Yeah, I was cheering too. I also figured out why I should have stopped a mile earlier....I should have stopped a mile earlier! I just mapped out the run and it was 10.9!! I really ran about 11 miles. Thanks for all your support and encouragement Vadotrichic.