Saturday, February 26, 2011

Depressing Week

This was not a good week. :( How could I have the best week backed up by the worst week ever? I started with the long run this week and it was perhaps the second worst run I have ever had! We went 12 miles and it was about 9 miles of misery. I just couldn't shake the pain and difficulties. There were 17 mph winds, but the temps were ideal. I thought the winds were getting me down so I kept plowing through the run. It took 4 days before I could walk without feeling achy in my shins. The week got extremely busy and I didn't get a chance to run again until Friday (7 days out). I did a little jog for a few feet and realized I wasn't ready to run yet. Sat I woke up and went to an event for Rachael and ran from the van to the building and I really think my shins are are on the leading edge of a stress fracture. I am really getting down and feeling like I can't do the marathon. I am still thinking "bones of steel", but my belief in that statement is waining quickly. I just keep thinking if I rest a few more days I can get back at it again. However I also can't afford to take 2 weeks off after every long run.

Training mileage: 12 miles

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  1. Have you had your calcium levels checked and/or bone density done? How about strength exercises for your shins (spell the alphabet with your toes multiple times a day)?