Sunday, September 4, 2011

Am I ready for a marathon?

There was intense heat again this week so I didn't get any of my runs in during the week, just the long run on the weekend. As usual, I was scheduled for a 20 mile run on Saturday. I woke up at 3:30ish and heard thunder is near distance. I knew if I had started, sometime within the 3 hrs I would have been hit by a storm. :( I went back to sleep. About 6:30 I woke up to more thunder coupled with lightening. Nope, guess I'll just have to wait for tomorrow. I checked the weather and realized it was going to rain all day long. Darn it.

That afternoon I started texting people to go run with me in the morning and found 3 people! I was so excited. When I started, it was a high of 52! That's about 40 degrees cooler than yesterday! yeah!! It was perfect running weather. About 90 min later we picked up Bill and then picked up Jill. The 4 of us headed out and J dropped off about mile 9. Jill dropped off about 14. Bill kept going and ran 12 miles - a record for him! I was so excited for him. It was a good run.

My watch was a little weird. When I picked up I had only run like 1/4 mile and I had to wait for her to be ready. I thought phooosha, what's 1/4 mile so I stopped it and then restarted the timer. I thought it cleared it out, but I think I just confused it because at the end when it noted "lap 20" it was really only 19.25 I didn't really get my 20 in as planned. I figure however that with the walking back to the house we got the full 20 in so I'm saying it was a 20 mile run. So, this means next weekend I'll have to RUN 20 again.

Tonight Bill and I went out on a bike ride we covered 4.5 miles. That was nice cross training and a good way to work out some stiffness from the run. I am having problems again with the groin muscle. It just doesn't like me on long runs. It takes about 2-3 days to work that out to normal. I feel like I really walk funny too, leaning to one side. ugh, it will get better.

The marathon deadline is this Friday. I am seriously considering this one. I had some good runs the past couple weeks and feel like I can do this. My confidence is back and I feel great. I just fear that there will be a heat wave and it will be all over that day. I am sticking to the 80 degree rule. The average high that day is in the upper 70s so it could very well be in the 80s. That would come at the end of run, the hardest part.

Weekly training mileage: 20 miles
Total weekly training mileage: 25 miles.

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