Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Beginnings

Well, I thought I would create a new blog for my runs this year. I liked my chiconarun blog from last year, but needed to separate it from new goals. Mainly I want to improve my PRs and get more streamlined and effective in my form. I got a stress fracture the first day back to school last year and that took a mental toll on me. Since I am starting over with training anyway, I thought it would be best to start a new blog, too - fresh start all around.

This year I will blog weekly rather than daily. This may help free up some of my time as well for other resolutions I have. I am not completely sure which marathon(s) I will do, but late spring/early summer will be the first one. So, here are my thoughts on this week's training sessions.

My year started my training from pretty much ground zero, but it was great to get started in a training program again. Right before I got injured last year I had tried to change my form, but not my mileage, resulting in a stress fracture. Sometimes I can still feel some achiness a bit, but the dr assures me these type of injuries come back stronger than they were before. Starting over has forced me to slow down and do it right. Runner's World published an article on the Hanson-Brooks training program. I was very inspired by that and want to incorporate, at least some, of the ideas into my training as well. I am trying to increase speed and strength. I think my membership to Fuller Hall for swimming will be a good cross-training and will help the core and strength as well.

My mileage was 3-3-4-5 this week. It was supposed to be 3-4-3-5, but I messed up so I switched them when I realized I wasn't running the correct mileage this week. All my runs were GREAT! I think I am just so excited to be out pounding the pavement again. I got up at 5AM one day and ran 3 miles with J. It was good to be back running with her again. I miss that. This year Bill and Rachael are running with me so they are pushing the limits of themselves. There are some issues arising with that, however. I want to vary my speed as per the Hanson-Brooks Method, but they just want to go run for 30 min. I have been trying to start out slowly and towards the end speed up for a few blocks, then push it as hard as I can the last block to the "finish line". It is amazing how fast Rachael can really run at the end of a 4-5 mile run. Bill has also been messing with various running clothes because he has issues running in really cold temps, which has been another challenge this week. Temps have been in the 10s at the end of this week and into the weekend, wind chills in the 0s and -0s. I don't think the wind chill got over 0 yesterday! I did my long run Sunday morning on the "dreadmill" because the wind chill was -14! I'd like to think I can take a lot, but that just seems extreme, especially if I will never compete in those conditions.

The injury and lack of running has allowed *ahem* a few pounds to sneak back on. I am happy to be back to my pre-Christmas weight, but am still waiting for the post-marathon shape to come back. I know it will, I just have to keep working at it. I am excited that I don't have the strong chocolate cravings like I do when I'm not running. My appetite has changed to compliment the scale also. It will all fall into place in a few weeks I'm sure. I also liked how my complexion was better, I felt better mentally and physically, I know my physical body was in much better shape than it ever had been! I finished my week with my 41st birthday. I can honestly say that I feel better at 41 than 31, or do I dare say 21?! It has truly been a great year and I am really looking forward to this year.

Total week's training: 15 miles.

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