Saturday, January 29, 2011

You're outta here - with a new marathoner!

What a beautiful week for running! I did all my runs OUTSIDE this week! YEAH! It was great. We even took the WHOLE family out on a run. The schedule was and I went out running four days. Yes, that's right four days. I didn't complete every run, but I was out four days this week...all outside!

My shin has been a little achy , but after a little into the run it seems to relax and be ok. After the advice of Vardotrichic, I have not been doing faster spurts in each run. My long run was just a normal 10 min/mile rate. Because of the achiness in my shin bone, I have been taking it easy. Haven't been icing or anything like that, just taking it easy.

OK, so I ran 4 days, but didn't complete all the runs. Let me explain. We still need to register for the Red Flannel Run, but we are preparing nonetheless. We took Noelle and the "babies" out for a run. We did 1 mile. They all ran about 1/2 mile before we had to stop and walk. They only walked about 1/2 block and then wanted to run again. I let them determine when they were running and when they were walking. If we walk the whole time during the run, that's fine, but I will let them set that. It was fun and Matt has been asking to go running again.

Rachael and I did the "long" 8-mile run today. She was kinda dragging her feet to go out. She decided this week that she may want to do a marathon so I urged her to go out with me. Bill came along for the first few miles and then broke off and went home. Rachael and I continued. We did lots of talking and she got excited for the marathon. I think we'll sign up this week for Grandma's. That will be fun to take her along and run a marathon together. Grandma's should be a good one for her to do. She is sooo excited. Eight miles is her record so far. She was dragging to go out because her 7 mile run was a little hard for her. By the time we were done she felt so great that she said she could have kept going. Bill even took a picture of her for his photo-a-day project when we were done!.

When we got home, I looked at my shoes to see the wear on them. Dang! I see that the outside heel is wearing. I have been very conscious of running more on my toes. However, when I start getting tired or lose focus, I find myself running on, what feels like, the outside of my foot and roll to the toes. It's not that I think I need supported shoes, but frustrated that I have tried to change my running style to be more effective/efficient and I'm still getting similar wear patterns on my shoes.

Total training mileage for the week: 16 miles = January total 56 miles

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