Sunday, January 23, 2011

A chilly week

This week was veeeerrrrrryyyyy chilly. Wind chills were consistently in the negative temps. The initial motivation to get out and start a run was really hard! I spent every run on the dreadmill. My schedule was 3-4-3-7. I repeated last week's schedule. Again, I missed the second 3 miler. I think I may just have to settle for 3 runs/week rather than 4. I will still feel like I am training and getting somewhere if I get at least 3 runs in, including the long run. I still feel very strong and full of energy with each run.

Monday's run was a quick 3 miles. I watched an episode of something online and that is great to get me through the treadmill. I ran 4 miles on Friday night, knowing that a Saturday run would probably be out of the question with our family schedule and the biter cold. If I ran Sunday afternoon (chance of warmer temps) outside, that would boost my motivation. Sunday I really really wanted to run outside, but the wind chills never got above -5. I just can't do that. That's my limit. OK, maybe I can if I talk myself into it, but I see no reason to.

All week since I am running on my own (not with Rachael or Bill) I can run any speed. So, I looked at the mileage go by and for each mile that I ran at 6mph, I ran 1/4 mile at 7mph. It was great. I have not been doing the cross training, but the speed work I love! I really like how my muscles are starting to take shape. The muscle on/next to the Achilles Tendon is really getting in good shape, perhaps the best it's ever been! I am very excited about this, hoping that this will make hill work easier for me later when I start to incorporate more inclines. It's also a good sign that my ankle is in good shape, too. This is still in the back of my mind as I run. So, anyway, tonight for the last run of the week I had 7 miles, 1.5 miles at 7mph. The first two miles just flew by that I completely missed them. I feel so strong and full of energy that I felt like I could have run another 3 miles. The last 7mph spurt was a little difficult, but it felt great.

We decided that we would enter the Red Flannel Run this year as a family so we have been looking for red flannel at Goodwill, clearance racks, etc. Everyone is getting excited for this. So glad the fam is getting into this, too. I'm sure Rachael and Bill will complete the quicker, longer 5 mile run.

Training mileage for the week: 14 miles


  1. I am so glad your family is doing the Red Flannel Run!! It is a great family affair!! I love that race!! You can even take the dog and dress her/him up!! The best dressed dog gets a prize :) It is really fun!! I don't think I will be able to participate in that event this year though due to having to work at a clinic in Iowa City for the day :(

    I am glad you are responding well to speed training. Just don't do it for every run. That is how injuries can happen. Keep your speed work to only one workout a week. It will help to make the hills better when you get to them :)

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Oh good to know! Would you suggest the long, short, or med run? Another silly question - I assume run the remaining runs as usual?