Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chasing the wall

Great stuff going on this week. It was the last week of school. Kids were done and I put in a 12-hr day to not have to go in on Friday! I started the week with a 5-mile run hoping that I would really be able to make all my runs again, or at least the mileage. I am still having an rough start so the 5 mile was work, but an easy, quick run.

J called inviting me to run a couple days this week. Both days I overslept and didn't get out. Darn it! Friday finally came. I overslept a little, but since I didn't have to go in to school I could go whenever. Rachael and I ran 10 miles. It was another good, solid run after I got warmed up. We finished in less than 90 mins.

Saturday I wanted to do 18-20. I was feeling a 20-miler, but if things got tough I would do 18. We did a quick Ethanol Loop, came back and did a mile in town, and then caught up with J and Dede. We did another Ethanol Loop with them and then a couple more miles. We finished with 4 miles west and Bill joined us to complete the 3rd Ethanol Loop of the morning. It was a beautiful morning with a light breeze. I commented to Rachael that with all the wind this year we don't know how to run in a breeze! The humidity was high, but it was a cool breeze to keep us going. The last 3 miles were really hard for some reason. I felt like I could have completed the marathon today, but I really felt myself slowing down. By the time I got to the last 1/2 mile I felt like I was really having to push myself to cross that imaginary finish line. I think I was very near the wall!

One week to Dam to Dam; three weeks to Grandma's. I am so much more prepared this year than last year. I am so excited for the run. I just hope the body is working that day...

Weekly training mileage: 35 miles
Total May mileage: 137 miles

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