Sunday, May 1, 2011

Drake Half

Last week I didn't run at all. :( I was rather sore and achy from the long run and then I was insanely busy again. I am anticipating this coming week to be very busy as well. My schedule is really starting to interfere with my training, darn it.

This past week wasn't awful. I was able to get a 10-mile run in on Tuesday with Rachael. I was even getting some good sleep through the week. The last couples days were not good, however, so I chose to sleep rather than run. This is probably one factor contributing to my fight with the scale this time around.

This week finished up with Drake Relays and the half marathon. It was a great run! I did this one last year with J and this year with Rachael. Last year I really really struggled with it and the hills really got to me. I hit the wall about mile 11.5 and just couldn't go anymore, but finished it running! This year I was smarter and had more experience so it went so much better. My goal was 2:05:xx We averaged a 9:21 pace and finished at 2:02:37. We had a strong finish and ran well. The body worked that day. :) Rachael finished 4th in her age group. I was one proud mama!

Today, Sunday, J contacted me after her 16 mile run and wanted to do a brick for her duathlon training. She came over when I was mowing and wanted me to run with her. She did a quick 10-15 min ride and then was ready for the run. We did 3 miles and then I did another 3 on my own after that.

Weekly training mileage: 19 miles
April mileage: 99 miles

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