Saturday, May 21, 2011

A little cheating

I did. I finally did it! I ran ALL the miles this week. This is the first time since I started training again that I completed the full week! OK, now for the confession... I was supposed to do a 5, 8, 5, 18 week. With graduation and all the other festivities this week I knew I wouldn't get 3 runs in so I combined two of the days and did 10, 8, 18.

The 10 mile run was good. Rachael and I were a bit achy, but we finished. Lately it has taken me about 7 miles or so to get warmed up and in a running groove. After that I can just run run run. So, I was just getting into it and it was over.
Last week I had battled some quite straining groin pain that made it really difficult to walk. I thought I would do at least 5 miles and see if that would make it flare up again. At 5 miles I was fine so I kept going. I have not been able to recreate that pain all week so I think I'm out of danger on that. Still not sure what that was...

The 8-mile run was a hurry-up run. I had to get home from school, change clothes, run, shower and be ready to head out the door by 5:30! I didn't cool-down properly because I was rushing and my legs really hurt for the next few days. I definitely paid for that one.

J called again and wanted to do 16 miles with us on Saturday. We were doing 18 so it worked out well. She wore her phone that tracks her miles, tells her how far she ran and average running pace. Below are the mile splits. Yep, definitely took a bit to get warmed up! It's fun to see how our pace picked up, especially at the end. We had rain, medium wind (10-15 mph) from the SSE. The first few miles were in town and the last mile was in town, but the others were out on the highway. I'm not sure what happened on mile 6. It could have started raining on us again. It was a nice rain this morning; it felt like I was running in a fan mister. Great morning!

Here are our splits -
1 - 10:13
2 - 10:03
3 - 9.54
4 - 9:51
5 - 9:51
6 - 10:04
7 - 9:59
8 - 9:53
9 - 9:55
10 - 9:58
11 - 9:30
12 - 9:31
13 - 9:35
14 - 9:37
15 - 9:36
16 - 9:34

Weekly training mileage: 36 miles

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