Saturday, July 23, 2011

A triple week

This was another HOT week! I was able to get some running in, however, and tripled my mileage. While tripling is great, the total mileage is not so impressive. It has been oppressive heat in July.

My goal was to get a 16-18 mile run in before I left for vacation, but that didn't happen. However, I was able to get an 11 mile run in at the beginning of the week so that was much better than last week and one mile more than my last longest run since the marathon. So, at minimum I am moving forward.

The average high for my next planned marathon is 75 so I have to get used to this if I am going to run that race. On the other hand, 120+ heat index is a little unacceptable! My 11 mile run was in the upper 70s/lower 80s so I figure that was a good race-day trainer. I think since I had such a break from running that I was fired up to get out there again. It was a really great run! I woke up and it was really foggy so I did the entire run in town. City limits to city limits is less than 2 miles so that's pretty good. 11 miles was a good distance that day; I was strong, it was a great run, but I don't think I could have finished the marathon that day.

The end of the week was rather stormy so I couldn't run either. When it finally had a break, I got out for a quick 4-mile run. I didn't realize how quick it was until I got home and mapped it out - 7:56 pace! I was mentally rushing to be done before my scheduled errands for the day, but didn't realize I was THAT fast. Sheez.

Due to vacation the next couple of weeks I won't be running so I'll have a big break again. I hope to hit it hard after this vacation to reach my goal of at least one 20-mile run before September. If I can do that, I just might sign up for that marathon!

Total weekly training mileage: 15 miles
Total miles for July: 41 miles :(

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